Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for your gardening friends, or yourself. We can send gift certificates directly to the person of your choice or back to you.

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  1. We will send emails on the day requested, and send regular mail in order to arrive as close to this date as possible.

  2. Who do you want us to make it out to? ("Mom", "Aunt Jenny", "Tom and Sally", etc.)

  3. Such as "Happy Birthday! Love, Mom", "Welcome to your new home! Uncle Bill", etc.

Gift Certificate
Oakes Daylilies
Oakes Daylilies
P.O. Box 268 · Corryton, TN 37721
(800) 532-9545 ·
Redeemable online, by mail, or at the garden



Amount: $25.00

Redemption Code: GC000000