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Why Oakes Daylilies?

Our Daylilies are Guaranteed Forever!

It's what we've built our business on (two or three times what you might receive from other companies) for more blooms, quicker!

1. Selection — Believe it or not, since 1900 there have been over 50,000 different varieties of daylilies named and introduced. We certainly haven't grown them all, but we have grown over 4,000 varieties at one time or another. From this wealth of choices, we have selected varieties to offer you that are not only beautiful but that we know will grow and perform reliably.

2. Extra-Large Plants — When it comes to daylily plants, bigger is better! Like these three plants that Ken is holding, all of the plants we ship will be three fans or larger — two or three times (or more) what you might receive from other companies. Larger plants get established faster and produce more blooms quicker!

3. Farm-Fresh to You — All of your plants will be freshly dug when you order. The leaves are trimmed and the plants are washed and air-dried. Your daylilies will be out of the ground less than 48 hours before they're headed your way, and they'll be ready to jump out of the ground when they get there.

4. For Your Confidence — Maybe you aren't very familiar with daylilies (or our company). We want to make sure that you feel confident that you can order with complete assurance of satisfaction. You will enjoy the daylilies we send you - we guarantee it!