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4″ bloom, 19″ tall, Early-Mid Season + rebloom, Evergreen

Contrasting light and dark come together in this popular variety. Blooms are a pale cream with a deep purple eyezone. Very attractive. Fragrant. Winner of the 1987 Annie T. Giles award for best small flower.


Near White

Bloom Patterns


Bloom Size




Bloom Season

Early-Mid Season, Rebloom

Foliage Types



Talbott (1980)


Award of Merit, Annie T. Giles Award for small flowers

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Shipping Season March-October
Sun Exposure


Soil Type

Any with care

Bloom Period


Zone Range

3 to 9

32 reviews for PANDORA’S BOX

  1. Priscilla


    I bought this early summer of 2014 and it did nothing. It did bloom last summer but not for very long. It’s an ok daylily but definitely not one of my favorites

  2. Kitsap Peninsula, WA


    I ordered several PBs late last year, and have enjoyed their 1st bloom! The PBs are in full sun, and if you look at the different pictures on this page, are decidedly on the cream vs. white side of the color equation (almost like “Siloam Button Box”). The flowers have tended to be > 4″ on very short scapes, some of which don’t even “escape” the foliage. I would not consider these showy, in your face daylilies, but more subtle, front of the border or pathway beauties inviting you to pause and enjoy the presentation of flowers and foliage together. Thank you Oakes!

  3. Lisa Crugnola


    I call Pandora’s Box “the poor man’s Wild Horses”. Similar in appearance, a bit smaller and less dramatic, but with an unmatched bud-count you won’t feel like you’re missing anything when this daylily starts its display. It just keeps going and going!

  4. charlie foley


    One of my favourites but always blooms a pale yellow with vivid purple eye. Easy to transplant to other locations if wanted. My old complaint is that it has a tendency to loose it blooms down with in the foliage.

  5. lewisburg, TN


    I usually go for the bigger blooms, brighter color, but this little stunner is simply adorable! I had to buy more. The white is a ‘creamier’ color for me too. But, I must say, I have the poorest soil & pretty little Pandora doesn’t seem to mind. It stands apart with it’s own air of “you can’t possibly overlook me”. For the price, the number of blooms and the size of the clumps (which almost double in a year) it is a Bargain Basement price for a Top Shelf Cutie

  6. Bellaire, OH


    This was the daylily that started my obsession! I started with one and 10years later I have 15 AND I have probably given away three times as many. It is very fragrant. The first time I smelled it I thought it was my oriental lilies. The color is a darker cream with a dark center in my garden. I live in zone 5/6…we do get harsh winter weather but I never have a problem.

  7. Dillwyn, VA


    Planted 3 of the Pandora’s Box this spring and they have not bloomed at all! Actively growing, but no scapes and no blooms. Extremely disappointed that it has not bloomed.

  8. Third Lake, IL


    This little daylily is well worth adding to your garden. The color is soft with the eyezone adding an extra feature.

  9. san antonio, PR


    just love everything about it recieved it as a gift in my order and its doing great it seems to tolerate hot tropical conditions if its put on some shade really love it and happy with it.

  10. Chattanooga, TN


    Great little performer! This little beauty has been in the ground less than 2 weeks and it is already sending up 1 scape! I can hardly wait for it to bloom. Did I mention the generous plants you receive from Oakes? I can hardly wait for next year. Gave this one a “10” because in my estimation it is worth every bit of it. I am hooked for sure. If you are on the fence about this one, I would suggest you take the leap. You will not disappointed.

  11. coram, NY


    Very prolific daylily, tons of flowers, gave it only 8 stars because they are not light cream in my yard they are a creamy yellow with a darker than shown eye. However have already divided them.

  12. Cornville, ME


    I got this one this past year. The clump was so large the a section fell of (about 3 fans) I planted it on each side of a path at one of the garden entrances. The larger clump bloomed twice and the small clump bloomed by the end of the summer. The second flush on the larger clump had thrown up about 5 scapes. The flowers here in the north were more of the cream color with the purple/burgundy eye zone. A beautiful flowere and great performer. Looking forward to this summer.

  13. Gambier, OH


    It is a 10. Beautiful. Grows great in my garden. Brighter than the photo shows. Nice and compact. Love it.

  14. New Tazewell, TN


    This little one is very pretty. It looks just like the picture. It’s not one of my favorites because I like a more bold color, but lovely nonetheless.

  15. Cleveland, MS


    These little ones bloom their hearts out from May through early July (zone 8b). Provide them with some shade in the afternoon, and they retain their beautiful coloring on into the evening hours. A nice surprise, this growing season, was the appearance of proliferations on their scapes!

  16. Arlington, TX


    I’ve had this jewel in my garden over 6 years. It never ceases to make me smile. I’ve gotten rebloom and occasionaly a blossom that appears double. It’s a charmer for sure!

  17. pleasant hill, MO


    This is such a cheery little plant. Mine just blooms it’s little heart out. Sometimes the blooms are a bit darkier but for the most part they are just like the photos.

  18. Springfield, MA


    Lovely, profuse bloomer. The blossoms are larger than I expected. Love this lily!

  19. Longmont, CO


    Blooming already and just planted this spring! Cute and perky, a light creamy white with a paler eyezone than in the pictures, but still stunning!

  20. Crofton, MD


    This is a darling daylily, gracing the front of the border with its charming peppiness. Its prolific blooms aren’t overpowering so it makes great “team player.”

  21. Hoover, AL


    I planted Panodora’s Box last year right before the drought. I gave it no water, no special attention what so ever. Further, I was greedy and took the large plant I received as a gift and divided it into four plants! It has rewarded me this year with four med-to-large lush plants with prolific blooms! This past week daily I have counted over 16 blooms each day!

  22. Houston, TX


    Just planted this in April, and it already bloomed (quite profusely) on June 1st. The color exactly matches the photo, but the shape does not. The inner petals curl so much it almost appears as if they have 7 or 8 petals altogether. Very beautiful nevertheless. This plant is in full, scorching Texas sun and looks outstanding all day.

  23. Grapevine, TX


    Very short bloom season and unimpressive. In all fairness, they may have done better if planted on the west side rather than the east.

  24. Milwaukee, WI


    This is their 2nd year in my garden, and it’s gorgeous interspersed with Little Grapette. They are my husband’s favorite it the whole garden!

  25. Melville, NY


    I have Pandora’s Box planted in conjunction with Pardon Me in my serpentine back border. WOW, what a show they put on! My Pandora’s Box has more of a creamy peach color than the picture; and it is just yummy. It is VERY PROLIFIC! The combination of these two is a show-stopper.

  26. Monkton, MD


    These are very pretty – the color is slightly more pale yellow than pictured above and the eyezone is a wonderful, cool purple. They are very eye-catching especially since they have to endure a spot that has a lot of morning shade. They are absolutely loaded with blooms and it looks like we will be getting some good rebloom in year #3.

  27. Ventura, CA


    I love this lily! It had a long bloom period, and I was sorry when it ended. I’m looking forward to some rebloom later on. It is a beautiful gem to brighten up any garden.

  28. Lafayette, IN


    As others have suggested, Pandora’s Box really pops when planted next to purples. In my garden Pandora’s Box and Remus daylilies bloom in tandem.

  29. Orem, UT


    My free Pandoras opened today (July 7th) and are beautiful. I have them located next to some Appleblossom Carpet Roses which makes them look a bit yellowy-peachy. I think next year I willmove them over by my purple and mauve plants. They are petite plants with nice size blooms. Thanks for sending them — the free plants are always the most fun!

  30. Charlotte, MI


    Short, very dramatic contrast of a lime green throat with purple eyezone. One of my favorites.

  31. Renton, WA


    Plant this guy at the feet of Mr. President clematis — the deep purple clematis sets off the purple eyezone of the daylily for a real WOW.

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