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(21 customer reviews)

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3″ bloom, 18-24″ tall, Early Season + rebloom, Dormant

The most popular and widely-grown daylily of all time. Renowned for its repeat blooms, its bright golden blooms decorate our garden from late May until frost. Compact mounded foliage, vigorous growth and phenomenal blooming make it an excellent choice. Winner of the Stout Medal – daylily’s highest award.



Bloom Size

2 3/4″



Bloom Season

Early-Mid Season, Rebloom

Foliage Types



Jablonski (1975)


Stout Silver Medal – daylily’s highest award

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Shipping Season March-October
Sun Exposure


Soil Type

Any with care

Bloom Period


Zone Range

3 to 9

21 reviews for STELLA DE ORO

  1. Dennis Cook


    Everyone has an opinion. As for me I have several thousand Stella De Oro daylilies I quess you know what I think of them.

  2. Gambier, OH


    aaaaa beautiful yellow flower that comes early and stays late. It fills up bigger and bigger each year until time to divide it up. Also for the price you can;t beat it. For those who purchase bare roots from large stores, why are you even trying to compare them to Oakes. It is like comparing an apple to an orange, don’t.

  3. Alanson, MI


    Over used and over hyped! There are sooo many prettier daylilies to choose from. The fact that you can buy these practically anywhere plants are sold is proof that they are used too often in the landscape!

  4. New Lenox, IL


    I know that a lot of people feel that this lily is over used by commerical landscapers, and granted it is in our area, and seen every where but for a carefree, hardy, reblooming Daylily it can’t be beat. Even if you have a “black thumb” this little plant will not fail you. Its bright cheery yellow-gold flowers are a bright spot in anyones yard, just about no matter where you place it. I started with one plant and have about 10 small ones and two very large clumps that need dividing soon. I have given many away to friends and family and they love them too. In this case “common” is OK with me…. I am not a -purist- and love and respect this wonderful plant.

  5. Dexter, MO


    Well, I’m sure that I’ll be bashed over this review, but I don’t really care for it. It is not nearly the rebloomer that Happy Returns, Buttered Popcorn or Stella Supreme in my garden. Has an uncany habit of blooming very low into the foliage and needs dividing almost every year or two. Oakes has many beautiful rebloomers that are prettier and better than Stella, at least in my garden.

  6. newport, RI


    Popular because of reblooming habit,much nicer rebloomers on the market today like bitsy,going bananas,happy returns and pardon me.Over used to the point of becoming common.

  7. Chicago, IL


    You really can’t go wrong with this one. I have a rocky, shady, dry area under some large trees where hostas (and of course weeds) were the only plants that survived. Last year on impulse I picked up a few Stellas and planted them in this spot as they were less expensive than hostas. Well, now these amazing plants each have 10+ scapes full of buds (!) What was once a shady eyesore is now a bright and cheery focal point. I still can’t believe what a difference this made and how well the Stellas have done there.

  8. pleasant hill, MO


    This is an indestructable plant. I think even someone with a brown thumb would be able to grow it. This is the first one to bloom for me. The little happy blooms are such fun. I deadhead the seedpods which are abundant to encourage a quicker rebloom. It is great to use for a garden border because it will quickly fill in and keep thing in order.

  9. Woodruff, SC


    Terrific plant. Very nice blooms that continue into November here if the plant recieves enough water. Quick multiplier. Great for the landscape.

  10. houston, TX


    My poor Stella’s have been through flood and drought since planting two years ago. They have withstood all the extremes that my hot, humid Houston climate can throw at them and performed beautiflly to boot. The clumps are now large enough that I’ll divide them this fall. Great plants!

  11. Enon, OH


    This is a widely grown variety and I find it almost weed like. I have divided it 3 times since getting it 4 years ago. If you want to cover a large area quickly, this is the one to buy. I left some in pots over the winter thinking they would be lost to frosty temperatures here in Ohio and to my surprise, they will be ready to share with friends in a couple of weeks!

  12. Atlanta, GA


    The Stella has become a day-lily staple. I love it’s bright cheery color and wonderful fragrance. It looks fabulous next to my lace-cap hydrangeas.

  13. New Fairfield, CT


    We planted several Stellas many years ago, and have been totally impressed at the continuous blooms, and the complete lack of care these little plants have required. They are the first of our perennials to bloom (early June), and are also the last (late October). They are covered in pretty flowers all the time. A MUST for any garden!

  14. Melville, NY


    My Stellas have a huge amount of foliage; but they have a zillion blooms, also! They’re in a really damp location (they curve in front of Ligularia Dentata) and are surrounded by Coreopsis verticillata; my tribute to the color yellow. But against the backdrop of a HUGE purple Clematis (Jackmanii) they are simply GORGEOUS! I also have Black-eyed Stella; but in a drier, more moderate environment.

  15. Virginia Beach, VA


    I compare all daylilies to Stella. I purchased several last year and divided them before I planted them. They did really well last year but I can’t wait to see her this year! You just can’t go wrong with Stella since you will be able to divide this plant often.

  16. Owensboro, KY


    This is the bloom champ of my yard. It never stops blooming! Last fall it bloomed into November! I also like it’s dainty size. Highly recommended!

  17. Va. Bch., VA


    This plant is very hardy, has a wonderful bloom and a beautiful smell. Low maintenance, and adds wonderful color to my hostas and dianthus.

  18. Rockwood, TN


    If you’re a beginner gardener you will absolutely love this daylily. I put it out and it has performed very good for me with little work involved.

  19. Ocala, FL


    Even though I live in zone 9 and should be using evergreen or semi-evergreen, this plant has performed beautifully for me. I planted them last spring and they bloomed the first year with good growth but they are spectacular this year! They started blooming at the very end of March and I’m hoping they will continue ’till frost as they did last year.

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