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The Daily Lily

Welcome to our blog!  We invite you to read about our love for Daylilies and the many varieties and things you can do with them.


That ship has sailed!

Published in Miscellaneous
by Beth Watson Drinnen
  Honey, that ship has sailed! You know how, in certain movies, the main character is running to catch a ship that will take...
Lady Elizabeth

How To: Divide and Transplant Daylilies

Published in How To
by Beth Watson Drinnen
We get lots of questions at Oakes Daylilies, but two of the most popular are: 1) When is the right time to divide daylilies, and...

Lazy Gardening

Published in Miscellaneous
by Beth Watson Drinnen
Lazy Gardening in 5 Easy Steps Spoiler alert: This post isn't about daylilies. But, like me, I figured most of you grow things in...

2015 Photo Contest


From the wealth of excellent entries, you chose some beautiful winners, visit the Contest Page to see the results.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered.  

Details for our 2016 Photo Contest will be posted by May 1st.

Why Grow Daylilies?


Easy To Grow
You won't find a more rewarding or easier-to-grow plant than the daylily.

What incredible variety to choose from - Blooms in almost any color, from 2" to 10" and in a variety of shapes - perfectly round, to spiders to doubles!

Useful as both specimens and mass plantings, there is a place in every garden for a daylily.


Why Grow OUR Daylilies?

From the thousands of daylily varieties available, we've selected varieties (including many award-winners) that we know will grow and perform well for you.

Extra-Large Plants
It's what we've built our business on - bigger plants (two or three times what you might receive from other companies) for more blooms quicker!

Farm-Fresh to You
Freshly dug and shipped right away. Ready to jump out of the ground when they get to you.

I grow a lot of perennials, especially daylilies. Over the years, I have ordered from many growers. I now do business with a select few. Oakes Daylilies is a keeper: huge plants, excellent customer service, 100 % guaranteed. And I especially like getting those bonus plants!
Ruth StufflebeemDaylily Lover