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Why Grow Daylilies?
Easy To Grow
You won't find a more rewarding or easier-to-grow plant than the daylily.
What incredible variety to choose from - Blooms in almost any color, from 2" to 10" and in a variety of shapes - perfectly round, to spiders to doubles!
Useful as both specimens and mass plantings, there is a place in every garden for a daylily.
Why Grow Our Daylilies?
(and Why Our Daylilies are Guaranteed Forever!)
From the thousands of daylily varieties available, we've selected varieties (including many award-winners) that we know will grow and perform well for you.
Extra-Large Plants
It's what we've built our business on - bigger plants (two or three times what you might receive from other companies) for more blooms quicker!
Farm-Fresh to You
Freshly dug and shipped right away. Ready to jump out of the ground when they get to you.
Here's What Our Customers Say About Our Daylilies
"The plants that I received last year are performing beautifully! Thank you so much for your wonderful plants."
P. Wormington, Rancho Palo Verdes, CA
"Once again I am overwhelmed with the size and quality of your plants! Thanks for your high quality plants and service."
B. Burke, Hixson, TN